Nearly Half of TikTokers Purchase From Brands on the App

15% of all adults and 36% of Gen Z have made purchases based on TikTok, Adweek-Morning Consult survey says

As TikTok exploded in popularity over the past year, some brands are finding their groove on the app-engaging seamlessly in viral challenges and recruiting the hottest content creators-while others are just beginning to dabble in the short-form video format.

But as the platform establishes itself as more than a passing trend, new Adweek-Morning Consult survey data shows that brands might want to start investing in a TikTok strategy if they haven’t done so yet.

So far, it’s a pretty rapt audience — 49% of TikTok users said they have purchased a product or service from a brand after seeing it advertised, promoted, or reviewed on the platform.

While Gen Z is most likely to be on TikTok, with 71% of the generation’s respondents saying they have a current account on the platform, each age range’s favorite social platforms also indicate where they’re likely to trust brand communications from.

For example, 60% of millennials said they’ve purchased something from a brand after seeing it advertised, promoted, or reviewed on Facebook. Just under half (48%) of Gen X and only 27% of baby boomers said the same.

Overall, 41% of adults said they’ve purchased something after seeing it on Facebook. The platform also benefits from a much higher level of overall adoption than TikTok has been able to gain so far — 81% of adults said they currently have a Facebook account, while just 30% said they have a TikTok account.

Instagram is also highly popular among Gen Z and millennials, with 88% and 71% reporting they currently have an account with the photo sharing app, respectively.

Half of millennials said they’ve purchased something from a brand after seeing it advertised, promoted or reviewed on Instagram, while 53% of Gen Z said the same.

Less than a quarter (23%) of Gen Xers said they’ve bought something after seeing it Instagram and a tech-savvy 5% of boomers said they have, too.

Still, Instagram’s been around for more about twice as long as TikTok — and the video app is threatening to close in on 1 billion active users (what Instagram’s now averaging) by the end of the year.

Interestingly, TikTok users are more likely than the average adults to purchase from brands after seeing ads, promotions, or mentions on other social media platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit and even LinkedIn. In fact, TikTokers might potentially be the most dedicated group of buyers from social media.

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